Our mission is to achieve cost-effective artificially intelligent solutions for the industries we serve.

BI-ZEN was created to deliver IoT-enabled process optimisation solutions to the bio-resources, anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment sectors.

Our vision is to drive operational improvement by presenting your data in a format that enables rapid, accurate, decision making.  To achieve this, we work with our clients to identify opportunities for intervention, extracting information from existing data repositories and filling gaps in knowledge with our mobile optimisation equipment.  This information is then displayed through a dashboard, accessible from any computer with an internet connection, giving insight into the site’s performance.

The BI-ZEN team has a diverse range of expertise including technology, operations, engineering and commercial, which means we know how a plant should be operated, how to source key data and what that data should look like. We know what benchmarks to apply and how to use data visualisation tools to open up process optimisation to non-specialists.  This allows our clients to reduce running costs and improve the process performance of their site, then view the results in real time.