Our Solutions

We provide IoT-enabled dashboard solutions that simplify complex processes into actionable process & business intelligence.

BI-ZEN provide IoT enabled solutions that can be deployed to and managed by our clients. Where key instrumentation is missing, we can identify, recommend and arrange installation of these to provide a hassle-free service for our clients. If you require a more tailored service, we can provide ongoing optimisation support to ensure your plants are run efficiently within the parameters that you require. Our solutions are recognised for their process-specific insight, ease of use and cost effectiveness and are available for the following applications:

Optimiser Mobile Rig

Instrument installation on site

BI-ZEN’s Optimiser allows rapid deployment of process monitoring instruments to fill gaps in your understanding of site performance and headroom.

The IoT enabled mobile rig sends key data directly to the cloud for incorporation within an easy to read, commercially driven process dashboard.  This includes both standard process measures and the financial impact of underperformance.  All metrics are chosen to highlight simple asset optimisation opportunities, changes that will be made collaboratively with support from our process specialists.

Anaerobic Digestion Optimisation Dashboard

water_industry_anaerobic_digestionThe unique STAR-AD dashboard has been designed to highlight relationships between process variables and use these links to report the financial impact of poor performance.  

Our objective is to help clients in the utilities sectors to generate more renewable energy and maximise revenue from their assets.  STAR-AD also includes tools to drill down and interrogate data, enabling both high level understanding and detailed decision making.

STAR-AD is in use on a range of commercial digestion plants and also with leading companies in sewerage and water industries.

Wastewater Treatment Optimisation

water_industry_wastewater_treatmentWastewater treatment can be a high energy and chemical consumer.

Faced with tougher effluent permits, treatment capacity can be put under increased pressure, leaving many companies in the water industry at risk of compliance failures.

BI-ZEN has developed end-to-end process monitoring tools, whereby significant savings can be achieved by tracking and acting upon business intelligence from the predictive algorithms that we have embedded into our IoT enabled Solutions.

Sludge Logistics Management Dashboard

business_intelligence_sludge_logisticsOur solution provides a system for the scheduling of interworks sludge tanker deliveries.

The BI-ZEN business intelligence model incorporates clear benchmarking of works sludge movements, based on volumes and dry solids data that are aligned to population-equivalent data sets.

Our IoT enabled dashboard solution dashboard presents indicative costs and the potential opportunities available for optimisation for sites that show high removed volumes.