Exciting news… we have added more units to our hired sensor based wastewater sampling asset base.

It's been a busy couple of weeks after more equipment has got through customs and the team have been able to assemble it.

Hired digital real time wastewater load & process assessments are taking off here at BI-Zen!

In order to meet demand, as well as enhance our service offering within the process emissions space, the board recently approved the investment in more equipment.

On top of the Optimiser builds, stands, IoT configuration, sensor configuration and programming, our team require branded van's that include bespoke kitting out in order to safely transport the equipment. Further still each van needs mobile lab equipment and a structure training programme, to ensure that we continue to provide trusted digital data to our clients.

As part of the recent focus we have also developed and tested the N2OInSites offering, that incorporates mobile equipment to assist in the understanding of Nitrous Oxide emission pathways within the wastewater treatment process.

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Alec Kimble
By Alec Kimble