Our Services

The Optimiser service offering is proven to support clients quantify a works actual performance for assessment, against the theoretical and technical design. To inform on the potential to defer or cease any capital investment in favour of identified Opex and operational control.

Using the granular sensor data, combined with clients SCADA and installed asset capacities, the service offering provides the tools to quantify any pinch points within the treatment process chain. As well as make informed challenges on any conservatism, to release design headroom and ultimately avoid unnecessary capital builds.

Further examples of Optimiser service offerings are summarised in the following tiles:

Digital Flow and Loads

Digital Flow and Loads
  • Rapid results with the right focus to implement change and immediately monitor the benefits.
  • Significant ROI
  • Unmatched site-specific process insights
  • Strategically valuable toolkit to meet AMP7 challenges
Digital Flow and Loads

Primary Tank Optimisation

Primary Tank Optimisation
  • Enhanced visibility of PST performance
  • Improved granularity, quality, and consistency of data
  • Real time intelligence
  • Lower costs of assessment than conventional methods
Primary Tank Optimisation

Compliance Recovery

Compliance Recovery
  • Faster delivery in data provision, than conventional methods
  • Real time informed understanding of the end to end process
  • Greater visibility of trends, spikes, diurnal patterns
  • Improved decision making, when evidencing a step-change in asset performance
Compliance Recovery

Activated Sludge Optimisation

Activated Sludge Optimisation
  • Informed Aeration Efficiency Benchmarking
  • Performance testing of new ASP assets
  • Asset Management Tool to inform on diffuser maintenance or replacement programme
  • Actual performance measurement of Anoxic tank performance with and without mixers in service.
  • Granular settled sewage loading data
Activated Sludge Optimisation

Why and when to select us

Compliance Risk Management:

  • A rapid mobilisation service for process recovery investigations and sites under special measures


  • The tools and solutions to monitor, manage, reduce and then sustain the operational sweet spot

Asset Management:

  • To generate granular flow & load data sets to inform on capital delivery programmes of work
  • To generate performance testing data sets within the capital delivery and asset handover period