Compliance Recovery

Compliance Recovery

Rapid results with the right focus to implement change and immediately monitor the benefits


The treatment standard expected at a wastewater site is constantly moving higher. Maintaining compliance in the face of unpredictable incoming loads, problematic assets and tight budgets is a real challenge.

Operational staff often know which sites are likely to have problems, but it’s hard to know when the issue will arise. Sites can’t be manned 24 hours a day, compliance samples can be taken at any time, and sometimes you just need a hand solving the cause of the problems.


BI-ZEN’s mobile instrument rigs can be deployed to site rapidly, requiring only a power supply to get up and running.

Once installed, the rigs constantly monitor the effectiveness of your treatment process, sending data back in real-time to dashboards that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Alarms can be configured to alert your operational team to compliance issues, allowing them to get to site rapidly, solve the immediate issue and investigate the cause.

Key Benefits

  • Faster delivery in data provision, than conventional methods
  • Real time informed understanding of the end to end process
  • Greater visibility of trends, spikes, diurnal patterns
  • Improved decision making, when evidencing a step-change in asset performance