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Greater visibility of asset operation using data from instrumentation. Alec Kimble
This blog highlights the “digital approach” over the conventional manual data capture methodologies. Summarising why BI-Zen uses a combination of cloud analytical tools, process subject matter expertise and existing data, supplemented with multi-parameter IoT enabled instrumentation. To provide our clients with the right level of information to make informed decisions, leading to CAPEX and OPEX savings.
One persons plastic waste, is another’s upcycled float to help improve wastewater treatment.Alec Kimble
While out for a family walk last weekend, our Solutions Director found a 2meter long bouy washed up on the beach in Dawlish Devon. Accordingly to locals it had been smashed up on the roacks for over a month. After a little encouragement, Alec got his two sons to help move the item off the beach for transport back to the BI-Zen workshop. Please click here to learn more on how we intend to fix a number of sensors onto the bouy and use it to gather data sets never seen before on wastewater treatment efficencies and green house gas nitrous oxide emission pathways.
Exciting news… we have added more units to our hired sensor based wastewater sampling asset base.Alec Kimble
It's been a busy couple of weeks after more equipment has got through customs and the team have been able to assemble it.
Quality wastewater effluent data starts with clean sensorsAlec Kimble
Without care, maintenance and adequate cleaning provision, wastewater sensors can start to foul up and potentially compromise the data quality and trust in what you are seeing from your site.
Sustainable approaches to designAlec Kimble
Yesterday Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) hosted a technical seminar
An exceptional year for BI-ZENAlec Kimble
We are happy to share that 2022 was an exceptional year for BI-ZEN