N2O Process Emissions

N2O Process Emissions

An effective short two week “screening” exercise, to gather baseline data sets.


The UK water sector is likely to be subject to significant legislative change, given the emerging data linked to Process Emissions that include Nitrous oxide, the change will be rapid.

How water providers approach the monitoring and collection of their process emissions data is not yet regulated, nor guidelines are set.

Most studies will require long term (> 1 year) of monitoring per site.


N2OInsites offering is an effective short two week “screening” exercise, to gather baseline data sets.

Bi-Zen install functional, high quality instrumentation at wastewater treatment sites for initial N2O screening campaigns, to provide first insights into N2O production and the emission of their clients treatment works.

This will enable companies to prioritise spend, identify potential site-level triggers and develop an understanding of N2O emissions and mitigation potential across their asset base.

The solution is agile and actionable.

Key Benefits

N2O InSites campaigns are not intended to replace the global demand for long term baseline monitoring, it is intended to support site-level action, to provide high quality campaign data that can be trusted and used for validation, and it will provide real time insights into N2O production and emission across clients largest treatment assets.