Activated Sludge Optimisation

Activated Sludge Optimisation

Informed Aeration Efficiency Benchmarking


The efficiency of the pumping system can be easily understood. Aeration efficiency is also simple in terms of kWh/m3 sewage treated, however, the true measure of efficiency is measured in kgO2/kWh and % per meter which has previously not been measured. Generally for diffused air systems the efficiency of the diffusers will deteriorate over the asset life of the diffuser. Measuring this efficiency would allow for management of any diffuser maintenance or replacement programme and the effects on efficiency to be understood.

In addition, Anoxic zone performance is usually not measured but is a process offering >20% energy efficiencies.


With just one Optimiser, deployed within the settled sewage feed to your ASP, as well as provision of site DO, MLSS concentration, and relevant flows, we have the tools to generate a baseline efficiency for your site. Outputs include a real time oxygen demand as well as Anoxic (free treatment) performance.

When applied to a batch of ASP plants, the Optimiser could be efficiently moved from site to site. Generating efficiency ranking of your asset base, and enabling considered decisions to be made on which sites would benefit most from diffuser maintenance, or simple soft measures like acid injection / bump scout regimes, as well as anoxic zone management.

Key Benefits

  • Informed Aeration Efficiency Benchmarking
  • Performance testing of new ASP assets
  • Asset Management Tool to inform on diffuser maintenance or replacement programme
  • Actual performance measurement of Anoxic tank performance with and without mixers in service.
  • Granular settled sewage loading data