Primary Tank Optimisation

Primary Tank Optimisation

Rapid results with the right focus to implement change and immediately monitor the benefits.


PST’s offer efficient and sustainable treatment when maintained in a steady state. They can also become an unnoticed dumping ground for sludge build up within an effluent stream, particularly if there are issues elsewhere on site. The impact on process efficiency and compliance, as well as the increased odour potential, can easily be missed.

As soon as the sludge settles as a blanket within the PST, it will start to hydrolyse, releasing volatile solids in a soluble form, and allowing conversion of nitrogen into ammonia. In turn, this results in a reduction in PST performance and an increase in downstream energy and chemical costs.


BI-ZEN’s mobile instrument rigs can be deployed to site rapidly, requiring only a power supply to get up and running.

Our PST dashboard reports the impact of high sludge blankets in financial terms. With £s in front of their eyes, site operational staff are able to make informed changes to site desludge schedules.

BI-ZEN’s process experts will work in collaboration with your site team to understand the optimal blanket level for the site. Increasing the knowledge of the operators is a key outcome of this work, and ensures that the project leads to lasting changes in operational behaviour.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility of PST performance
  • Improved granularity, quality, and consistency of data
  • Real time intelligence
  • Lower costs of assessment than conventional methods