Quality wastewater effluent data starts with clean sensors

Without care, maintenance and adequate cleaning provision, wastewater sensors can start to foul up and potentially compromise the data quality and trust in what you are seeing from your site.

Here at BI-Zen we ensure our clients get the right sensor for the right location, coupled with a focused attention on data quality.

BI-Zen's mission is to provide quality data sets to inform on the optimum design and operation of wastewater treatment plants.

In order to achieve this we have developed an agile service offering using sensor based technology that can be efficiently deployed onto a wastewater treatment works, to capture information on the effluent make up.

In addition to the management of data, its capture and communication and the cloud based visualisation, BI-Zen has devoted years to ensuring we provide quality data from its source. A significant element has been ensuring our deployed sensors are located in the right location and that they are calibrated and maintained for the duration of the survey period. An important part of this is ensuring the sensors are kept clean between each site visit.

The attached photos show some of early trials which didn't include the inbuilt cleaning applications that we have today... which did impact on the data quality. Years on we now have a system, coupled with extensive quality control, that ensures our un-matched granular data sets provide trusted insights into how plants are being loaded and performing.

Alec Kimble
By Alec Kimble